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Report: Titans to interview Colts VP of Football Operations Jimmy Raye III

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We can add another name to the Titans list of GM candidates- Jimmy Raye III.  Raye is currently the VP of Football Operations with the Indianapolis Colts.  He has been with the Colts in that role for 3 years.  He was with the San Diego Chargers for 17 years before that according to the Colts official site.

Raye comes from a football family.  His father, Jimmy Raye II, played for the Philadelphia Eagles and currently works for the NFL.

The Colts haven't gotten much from the draft in the past 3 years.  Now, it may not be fair to judge Raye on those draft picks.  He wasn't the GM, so he wasn't the one making the final decision on those picks, but it is important to note.

This is the third name that has surfaced in the GM search.  The first two were Eric DeCosta of the Ravens and Marc Ross of the Giants.