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Tennessee Titans News Links: Nothing New

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jeremy

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"And it seems to me you lived your life, 
Like a candle in the wind..."

So yesterday was a very slow news day. Pretty disappointing given it was "Black Monday" and all...psych!

In case you didn't hear: the Titans decided not to renew Ruston Webster's contract. Simply put...HE GONE! Not everything he did was bad though (I guess). We can certainly praise him for taking a chance on a "spread QB" and drafting our savior Mariota. So that's a plus.

The Titans also announced some front office changes yesterday as well. Perhaps the most notable is that Steve Underwood's mustache became the permanent president and chief executive officer. Something he is ready to do.

Speaking of Underwood, yesterday he held a press conference where he was legit asked if the Titans would bring in Floyd Reese. Seriously. It happened. Read the transcript if you don't believe me.

Underwood let it be known that the team will be sticking to a traditional GM/Head Coach model. Meaning both jobs will remain separate from one another. The team has also already started the search for the next GM and Head Coach. Something some thought, *cough* rothbard *cough,* wasn't already happening.

Despite what some fans may think, Amy Adams Strunk is very involved with this team. She fired Whiz, said "adios" to Webster, convinced Underwood to be the permanent president, and will even be involved in the GM/Head Coach search.

So what do the players think about all of this? More specifically: what does Mariota think ? Luckily the locker room was open yesterday so we could find out!

That's all for today. Happy reading!