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Team Rice free agent to watch

Trying to make the Pro Bowl watchable.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Look, no one should try to convince you that the Pro Bowl is great. However, if you are planning to watch it you might as well get something out of it. There is only so much you can see with guys going half speed for much of the game, but there are a few things that show up in this game that does translate.

This is the free agent I would watch on team Rice.

(Again, I can't stress enough how little this game matters, but this is a fun player to watch)

Eric Berry S, Kansas City Chiefs

I understand that the Chiefs will never let Eric Berry go, but they may have to give him the tag to keep him in Kansas City. Look at the free agents they have ready to leave right now:

1. Derrick Johnson LB

2. Sean Smith CB

3. Chase Daniels QB

4. Jeff Allen LG

5. Husain Abdullah S

6. Charcandrick West RB

And honestly, with how much money Berry and Johnson will make in the free agent market the Chiefs may be left with the choice of keeping Berry/Johnson or letting all of their other free agents go. They can't let that happen because they just aren't deep enough to survive those hits at LG, CB, S, and running back (with an injury prone Jamaal Charles).

I think it is very unlikely that he hits free agency, but until he gets tagged or until he signs a long term deal it is posisble and I can't imagine him finding a team in the NFL willing to pay him 80% as much as the Titans would for two reasons.

1. Look at the money the Titans supposedly tried to spend on Devin McCourty last year. They were rumored to be making a huge play towards him and you can assume that they were going to make him the highest paid safety in NFL history. Imagine what they would do for Berry.

2. The guy is Tennessee royalty. If you doubt that, just ask any Tennessee Vols fan who their second favorite Vol is behind Peyton Manning. If they are under the age of 25, they will say Eric Berry. This wouldn't be a huge issue anywhere else, but with this ownership getting crucified by the fans and local media (and rightfully so) they need a big win this offseason. Berry would make fans put down the pitchforks and pick up the phone to buy season tickets.