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Senior Bowl standouts: 4th quarter

A quarter by quarter look at the prospects.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Senior Bowl has so many position changes, it is easy to lose sight of a player that played early in favor of a splash player late. So, this is a quarter by quarter look at some of the prospects in today's game with some quick notes.

Remember this isn't a huge plus or minus either way, these are just quick reactions on a handful of plays, so this isn't the article to look at for deep dives on the players.

The good:

Jay Lee WR, Baylor

Lee was the only player to consistently get separation throughout the day at wide receiver. He is another big, fast receiver prospect who should draw interest from the Titans.

Sheldon Day DT/DE, Notre Dame

Day has been great all day but he never got home on his pass rush until the 4th. He has stood out on a good defensive line.

Tyler Ervin RB, SDSU

If you want a sleeper in this draft for the Titans, this could be the guy. He has speed to burn and he can make people miss with ease. On top of that, he can be a starting kick returner and punt returner and the new Titans GM Jon Robinson has said that at a certain point in the draft when you don't believe there are any more starting caliber players left on the board, special teams becomes a huge factor in the Titans evaluation.

With the Titans lacking a speed element in their backfield, he has shown enough as a receiver and runner to earn another look from the Tennessee front office.

Aaron Burbridge WR, Michigan State

He gets the spot here for his one-handed catch on the Hail Mary to end the game. Burbridge is yet another mid round target for the Titans. He is a big reason why people think Connor Cook could go in the first round, and if you watch that film it is hard not to be impressed with the former Spartan.

The bad

Le'Raven Clark OT, TTU

Clark just isn't good. He is huge and looks athletic, but he is one of the most raw prospects in this draft. He bends at the waist which is insane for someone with his arm length and he really hasn't looked good at any point today. He was beaten by a DT (Sheldon Day) with a speed rush which is brutal for an OT.

Spencer Drango OT, Baylor

Another OT who just doesn't look ready for the NFL. He has held Day and other edge rushers on several occasions and has gotten one of the few flags of the day. Some project him as a guard, but I just don't see what he does exceptionally well.