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Senior Bowl standouts: 3rd Quarter

A quarter by quarter look at the prospects.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Senior Bowl has so many position changes, it is easy to lose sight of a player that played early in favor of a splash player late. So, this is a quarter by quarter look at some of the prospects in today's game with some quick notes.

Remember this isn't a huge plus or minus either way, these are just quick reactions on a handful of plays, so this isn't the article to look at for deep dives on the players.

The Good:

Kenyan Drake RB, Alabama

-I thought Drake made a bad decision deciding to stop-and-start after catching the ball in the flat, until he showed off his quickness and gained about seven extra yards. This is what Drake should be at the NFL level, and the Titans should definitely consider him in the middle rounds especially if they want and don't get Matt Forte this offseason.

Braxton Miller WR, Ohio State

The 3rd quarter was much nicer to Miller than the 1st. Miller started the quarter off returning the kick off and showing some versatility. He also had a catch on a quick throw outside and ate up the cushion the defender gave him and had a nice run on a reverse. If Kessler had gotten out of his way it would have been even better. Miller was twice targeted in the endzone and drew a flag once and had a ball tipped on another so there is a lot of respect and trust between these quarterbacks and Miller.

Cyrus Jones CB, Alabama

Jones had a nice break on the ball and another nice open field tackle in the third quarter. I'm not a big believer in Jones, but he has had a nice quarter here. Toward the end he drew a flag on 1st and goal, but I would prefer an aggressive corner in that situation. What is the worst case scenario? They gain a yard?

Joshua Garnett G, Stanford

I am a huge Garnett fan and wish the Titans would pull the trigger on him in the top of the second if they got an extra pick and he is there. He showed in this quarter that he can be dominant after again putting Reed on the ground and then standing him up in pass protection.

Noah Spence EDGE, EKU

Clearly he is a guy who would be a top-15 pick if he didn't get in trouble at Ohio State. If he is fine off the field, this is a guy who the Titans could target if they trade down with the L.A. Rams which is a rumor out there.

Paul McRoberts WR, Southeast Missouri State

Listed at 6'3" 192 lb., McRoberts needs to put some size on his frame, but everything out of practice has been about how good his hands have been and this quarter showed it. He took a big shot after a nice catch and easily caught it and controlled it. He is someone that the Titans should definitely look at as a guy who won't be intimidated and who will checks all the boxes you want in the middle rounds.

K.J. Dillon S, West Virginia

Whether you are allowed to or not, Dillon blocked a field goal attempt and had two key blocks to get the ball back near the goal line. I like Dillon a lot and the fact that he can play on special teams is a nice feather in his cap.

The Bad:

Cody Kessler QB, USC

-Kessler looked slow and inaccurate on his first drive letting Cyrus Jones break up a pass by not planting and driving quickly enough. The next pass was widely inaccurate and if it wasn't a miscommunication with his wide receiver then it was just an absolute duck. He didn't have a good game the rest of the quarter either and just looks below average compared to the other

Jarran Reed DT, Alabama

I don't mean to rail on Reed, but he is just getting dominated. Even though he was pancaked and a non factor against the pass, his worst play was a QB sneak for a touchdown right at him. He ended up getting bullied back because he didn't stay low enough and was standing straight up as Sebastian Tretola opened a hole for the rush.

Jason Spriggs OT, Indiana

I am not a fan of Spriggs in general, I think he is a guy who needs a year to develop and he needs to be much bigger for his frame. He is stiff and it showed as he was beaten cleanly twice by Noah Spence in this quarter and he has lost against power and speed which is a bad look.