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Senior Bowl standouts: 1st Quarter

A quarter by quarter look at the prospects.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Senior Bowl has so many position changes, it is easy to lose sight of a player that played early in favor of a splash player late. So, this is a quarter by quarter look at some of the prospects in today's game with some quick notes.

Remember this isn't a huge plus or minus either way, these are just quick reactions on a handful of plays, so this isn't the article to look at for deep dives on the players.

The good:

Joshua Garnett G, Stanford

-The mauling guard had some good reps including putting Alabama DT Jarran Reed on the ground.

Sean Davis CB/FS, Maryland

-I love Davis and the first quarter showed why. He was aggressive to the ball and showed that he isn't afraid to hit after cleaning up a tight end early.

The bad:

Braxton Miller WR, Ohio State

-I loved what I was hearing about Miller in the practice leading up to this (which is more important than the actual game) but with a dropped pass and what looked like the wrong route, the game has not been kind to him.