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Tennessee Titans could sue the NFL over ownership

What NBC Sports is reporting.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

New potential head coaches may have an issues with Tennessee Titans ownership, but so does the NFL.

A recent report from Mike Florio of NBC Sports says that the Titans are trying to restructure the way their ownership is laid out, seemingly to make it more streamlined and to make Amy Adams Strunk the clear figurehead of the group. While the details aren't fully understood yet, this is the quote that best explains the situation:

"It’s unclear why the league specifically believes that the Titans aren’t in compliance, and it’s unclear why the Titans specifically believe they are. The possibility of antitrust litigation means that the Titans’ ultimate position would be to say that they can own the team however they want to own the team, and that a cabal of otherwise independent businesses can’t tell them otherwise."

So essentially this is a fight that the Titans are on the right side of, and the NFL doesn't need or want any more press. While I don't know how long the red tape will force this process to go, ultimately it looks like the Titans are going to fight to make sure they are structured the way that they want to be structured, and not how some other companies may want.

Personally I think the issue of ownership is a fabricated narrative that people are spreading just to have something to talk about in a negative way towards this situation. Those writers don't understand how the Titans are structured and so they project that lack of knowledge onto others.

At the end of the day, this is a job with a franchise quarterback, a young nucleus of talent, a lot of cap room, and the number one overall pick in the draft. There isn't a coach in the NFL that could draw up a better situation if they were planning their perfect job. So, at the end of the day when all that comes with a 5-year deal worth millions of guaranteed dollars, no one is going to ask who the owner is.