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Titans-Colts Final Score: Tennessee loses finale 30-24

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

I hate it when football ends, but I am honestly relieved to see this Titans season come to an end.  They were able to make this final game interesting, and they had me nervous that they were going to go down and win the game for a minute there.  Thankfully the offensive line did what it does and allowed Alex Tanney to get sacked on a big third down play.

Speaking of Tanney, he came in and played really well after Zach Mettenberger was "injured."  He probably won't be back with this team in 2016, but it was fun to see him get out there and play well.  Mettenberger did not play well.  He was terrible for the second straight week.  The shine really came off of his star this year.  I am no longer confident in his ability to be a serviceable back-up in the league.

Despite a report earlier in the day that the Titans are leaning toward going forward with Ruston Webster and Mike Mularkey, I expect the Titans will be officially looking for a GM and a head coach as early as tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned for all of the latest updates.

The Titans are officially on the clock for the 2016 NFL Draft.