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Report: Titans leaning towards keeping Mike Mularkey and Ruston Webster

Oh no.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

As much as I hate to say it, it looks like there is a chance that Mike Mularkey will be the next head coach of the Tennessee Titans.

According to an Ian Rapoport hit from about an hour ago:

"The interim coach hasn't won much, and with quarterback Marcus Mariota, this should be a prime opening. That said, the Titans are expected to consider Mularkey as a legitimate candidate. The organization has strong feelings for him and how he's handled Mariota. They also know it wouldn't be a popular hire for their fan base, which might make it a longshot move. But if they keep general manager Ruston Webster and extend CEO Steve Underwood, this could be the direction they are going."

That is the absolute last thing that Titans fans should want to hear (or in this case read). Just when you think that this ownership group and president might have a slight handle on the most obvious of situations rumors like this come out. I have reached out and hear that these rumors are true, it is at least a possibility.

Honestly, I don't understand what the draw is. The theory is that he has handled Marcus Mariota's development well, but how so? He is still the most sacked quarterback in the league, there has been a regression in the passing game, the running game is still non existent, and the defense has only gotten worse.

Sure the Titans won two games with him as the head coach, but that was against the team with the NFL's worst defense in history and the Jacksonville Jaguars a team that Whisenhunt beat last year.

I have absolutely no idea how this makes any sense when you compare him to coaches who have accomplished more as coordinators than he did like Hue Jackson and Josh McDaniels. The whole thing is just a Titans fan's worst nightmare, and if this happens it wouldn't surprise me to see season ticket sales drop and some pretty vocal displeasure at Titans open practices in the summer.