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Laremy Tunsil 2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report

The stud Ole Miss tackle will be an option for the Titans.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
The Tennessee Titans have the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. They need A LOT of help on the offensive line. Is Laremy Tunsil where they should go? Here is a closer look at the offensive tackle.

Position: Offensive Tackle

School: Ole Miss (Junior)

Size: 6-5, 305


  • Lightning quick, choppy feet.
  • Always on alert; feet ready to plant and change direction at all times.
  • Outstanding athletic ability.
  • Quick out of his stance. Gets into position and rarely plays from behind.
  • Has ideal size and length for the position.
  • Strong punch that sends a jolt through defenders.
  • Very strong hands. Once engaged, he rarely loses.
  • Attacks defenders. Doesn't hesitate. Locks on and drives.  Always a step ahead.
  • Appears well-versed in a zone blocking scheme. Understands assignments.
Negatives (I'm nitpicking here)
  • Doesn't appear to have that nasty demeanor you want in your lineman.
  • Struggled with Auburn's Carl Lawson. Lawson's quickness off the line appeared to rattle Tunsil's play both physically and mentally (two false starts.)
  • Suffered a broken leg in the 2014 Peach Bowl

One of my favorite things about Tunsil is how he attacks incoming defenders.  He likes to stay in control of the play and usually makes the first move.  Here the defender tried to shoot the gap between Tunsil and the guard, but Laremy flattens him.

This is a good example of Tunsil's dominance in pass protection.  He's able to get his long arms locked up on the pass rusher and virtually end the play.  He keeps the rusher away from his body -- total control.  Notice the feet during the kick-slide.  Short choppy steps keep him ready to pounce at all times.

Check out the feet, punch and aggression here.  Quick, compact and controlled.


Honestly, it doesn't get much cleaner than Laremy Tunsil.  I hate using the word safe with prospects, but it's hard to imagine Tunsil failing at the next left.  He's got everything you want in a franchise left tackle.  Tunsil's athletic ability and feet set him apart from the rest.  Throw in his frame and arm length along with excellent core strength and you have a top five NFL prospect.

Round grade: First round (Top overall prospect)
Expected draft range: Top 5