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2016 Senior Bowl Day 3 Recap

Who stood out on the final day of full pads practice on Thursday?

Sterling Shepard. Do Want.
Sterling Shepard. Do Want.
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Links has some observations from some of their draft experts on who stood out on all three days.

Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting has insights from the North practice on Day 3

Walterfootball is keeping the rumor mill running with some interesting rumors

Eric Galko with Day 3 South practice notes. He's one of the best in the biz and a great follow on the Tweeters.


- Ohio State WR Braxton Miller has been the star of the show. He's been the clear cut best receiver in Mobile. Has really surprised everyone with his instincts and knowing all the tricks that more experienced receivers utilize. Repeatedly abused every DB thrown his way with his speed and agility in one on ones. It makes you question the competency of the Ohio State offensive staff for not getting him more touches. Injured but should be fine for the game.

- Northern Iowa CB Deiondre Hall has turned some heads this week. He is built like what most NFL teams try to emulate in Seattle's secondary. Long arms and willing to hit you in the mouth. He acquitted himself well as a small school corner against receivers from bigger programs. Confident in his abilities. He will hit you like a truck.

- Notre Dame OL Nick Martin showed everyone that he isn't just Zack's little brother. Held his own against bigger defensive linemen. Athleticism was very present whenever he attacked the second level. Footwork and base are elite.

- Penn State DE Carl Nassib has flown under the radar (like he has all year) due to the "names" showing out. He's had a pretty good week. More of a run stopper DE than a pass rushing one. Will find a place on a team somewhere. 2016's Karl Klug?

- Notre Dame DL Sheldon Day could have finalized a position for him by blowing up on Thursday's practice at end. He's not the biggest guy in the world so end may be it for him. Built like Jurrell Casey. Quickness and agility were a definite surprise.

- Boise State S Darian Thompson had yet another excellent practice. He kept up stride for stride against some of the faster receivers without losing much at all. Ball location skills were on point during every drill. He got to almost every ball thrown his way. Impressive prospect with a great week against the big boys. Wouldn't be too disappointed if he was drafted as the heir to Michael Griffin.


- EKU DE Noah Spence has easily been the best defensive lineman on either side and it isn't particularly close. He has a great mix of speed and power along with the instincts to know which area to use. Elite first step and counter moves. Constantly blowing by every tackle he has faced this week.

- South Carolina State DT Javon Hargreaves literally flew in hours before practice and simply dominated. He was a really late call up due to Sheldon Rankins' injury. No South OL could stop him. Hargreaves stood out at last week's Shrine Game. He has a nice mix of brute strength and athleticism. Really surprised me on how he stepped in and cleaned up. Compares to Baltimore Raven DT Brandon Williams. Intrigues me more and more to go do some more work on him.

- Baylor WR Jay Lee has been one of the best receivers on either team. He was a lesser known weapon as Baylor's third leading receiver. He was great again yesterday. Really high points the ball very well. Ball location skills are evident. Route running is very good. Instincts are above average. Plays bigger than his size and outmuscles the defender no matter who it is. The antithesis of Justin Hunter.

- Oklahoma WR Sterling Shepard had another standout day. He's very well schooled in the fundamentals of route running. Great in one on one situations. Knows how to set up the defender and blow by him. Has impressive speed. Made a ton of money this week.

- Florida ILB Antonio Morrison had a nice day as he showed a decent amount of coverage ability, even picking off a pass. He's an underrated linebacker prospect that made some money this week. Quintessential modern day linebacker. A tackling machine at UF and the defensive general for the Gators. I'd take him in the fourth and place him next to Avery Williamson to be done with the inside linebacker position for the next 5 years.

- Louisville DT Sheldon Rankins' knee sprain injury is such a shame as he was having a standout week. Best defensive lineman not named Noah Spence this week. Showed a surprising amount of quickness and agility in every drill.

- Alabama RB Kenyan Drake was bossing it in one on one pass catching drills. He left every defender in the dust nearly every rep. Drake isn't your typical ground and pound 20 times a game back like his teammate Henry but is more like a Shane Vereen type. Could be special if he's used right like a Darren Sproles.

- BYU DE Bronson Kaufusi has had a great week as well. He's shown a deep well of pass rush moves in one on ones. Speed and finesse are more of a positive than his strength game right now. One of the best ends in the country that not everyone knows about.

Editor's note - I do apologize for not getting this out last night but other work related commitments had my attention. Thank you for your understanding, folks. I appreciate every click and comment you have given me. A quick scheduling update: The Stock Up, Stock Down post will be up by Monday.