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Ted Sundquist talks about his interview with the Titans

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Ted Sundquist, who was one of the candidates that the Titans interviewed during their GM search, has written an article about his interview. He lays out, in vast detail, what his plan would have been had he become the GM of the team. It's a good read, and I would be interested to hear what your thoughts are of his plan.

The most interesting part to me was when he talked about the impression he got from the people who conducted the interview:

However, there were some early indications that ownership wasn’t necessarily looking for a complete diagnosis of its problems....

It was also clear ownership wanted to stay the course inside the halls of the complex. I was told, "We don’t want to blow up the building. This is a staff that works well together and avoids the internal politics and bickering that can and has brought down others in the past."

I got accused on Twitter the other night of being to negative about the team. I'm not sure how you can read this article and come away with anything but rage about how this whole thing went down...not that it is new news.

Amy Adams Strunk was more concerned with keeping a guy she liked than doing a real search to find a better candidate. Sundquist says that got the feeling that the fact he wasn't sold on Mike Mularkey was a big factor in him not getting the job.

I really wish they would sell the team.