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Top free agent to watch today: Carolina Panthers

Which player could help the Titans.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans scouts are getting into full offseason mode, but one of the most pressing things that needs to be addressed is free agency. With that looming in just around a month and a half, the Titans need to be digging deep into the upcoming free agents. With all their cap space, the Titans should have a lot of options to address their needs.

So, which free agent from the Panthers fits the Titans the best?

Josh Norman, CB

Alright, I didn't include Von Miller in the last post because I don't think there is any way he gets out of Denver. Even though there is only a very slight chance that Norman hits free agency, I think he is much more viable than Miller.

Norman is an elite corner right now, and that window is a very short one in the NFL. Even when Darrell Revis was in his prime, he only had about four years as a top corner and he was the model of work ethic and consistency according to all reports. So, if the Titans sign Norman, there are two things you need to know.

1. He will be an elite shutdown corner in the right system, and it is on Dick LeBeau and those coaches to build a defense around him.

2. He will be wildly overpaid and there will be a time in three or four years where this keeps the Titans from making a move they really want to make.

Now, having said that if they have a chance at Norman they would be foolish not to make a big play for him. He would add an elite player to their weakest position and allow them much more flexibility in the draft.