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Top free agent to watch today: Denver Broncos

Which player could help the Titans.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans scouts are getting into full offseason mode, but one of the most pressing things that needs to be addressed is free agency. With that looming in just around a month and a half, the Titans need to be digging deep into the upcoming free agents. With all their cap space, the Titans should have a lot of options to address their needs.

So, which free agent from the Denver fits the Titans the best?

Evan Mathis, LG

The Tennessee Titans are in the perfect position to fix a lot of needs this offseason. One of, if not the deepest area this offseason is offensive line. The Titans biggest holes right now are left guard, center and right tackle. Now, there are a couple of theories on how to fix this:

1. Sign a right tackle and move Jeremiah Poutasi to left guard.

2. Draft a left tackle and move Taylor Lewan to right tackle.

3. Sign free agents or draft players at left guard, center and right tackle.

Personally I like number three because I think the less projection the better in the NFL. If you have a left tackle playing well, let him play there. If you have a good left guard in free agency, why not sign him instead of projecting a player like Jeremiah Poutasi than a completely different position.

I think Evan Mathis is a great fit for the Titans and the speed and athleticism of he and Taylor Lewan on the left side would be something that this team has not had. Besides, it also fills a vacuum in terms a leadership and experience on the offensive line that many in the locker room say is missing.