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Top free agent to watch today: New England Patriots

Which player could help the Titans.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans scouts are getting into full offseason mode, but one of the most pressing things that needs to be addressed is free agency. With that looming in just around a month and a half, the Titans need to be digging deep into the upcoming free agents. With all their cap space, the Titans should have a lot of options to address their needs.

So, which free agent from the New England fits the Titans the best?

LeGarrette Blount RB

Blount was originally a Titan, and 15 coaches and a million general managers later and maybe the Titans will bring him back. While I don't think that Blount is a fix all at running back, he and Cobb paired in the backfield might make for a good tandem of power running backs that can get the tough yards in the middle. While Cobb has more wiggle, Blount is the proven back and if Robinson has confidence that he can bring some stability to the organization.

Now, this isn't a move that should cost a lot of money in fact with an older running back you almost certainly shouldn't write a big check. However, I don't expect the Patriots to keep him around because they never do and he isn't a hot commodity in free agency as he is shown before.

This is a patchwork player who can help fill a hole in the rushing game until the 2017 NFL Draft that might be one of the best in history at the running back position.