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Matt Miller loves the Tennessee Titans offensive line

An interesting look at the Titans offensive line.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I for one have been very down on the Titans offensive line. I think they need an overhaul at three positions and new coaching to try to squeeze some more out of their top picks in Taylor Lewan and Chance Warmack.

However, Matt Miller is doing something for Bleacher Report that he calls "20 for '20" where he projects which players will be at the top of their positions in the year 2020. I read his analysis of the Titans offensive line, and I was shocked. Not only did he have Taylor Lewan in the top 20 (which I think is accurate) but he also had Warmack up there as well.

Now, I encourage you to read the full break down of his list here, but these are the quick summaries of each player and where they were ranked.

19th overall Chance Warmack

Honestly, I am not sure that I think that Chance Warmack is one of the 10 best guards in the league now much less one of the top 20 at any offensive line position. I know this is a projection and that Chance Warmack definitely has the potential to be great, but Miller thinks he is great now:

"Warmack has come into his own in his short NFL career, living up to the top-10 draft pick the Titans used on him in the 2013 draft."

Again, I think he has the potential, but it will take a lot better coaching to get him there.

13th overall Taylor Lewan

I love Lewan and his potential. Whether he is one the right side, his quickness and strength are top-tier and with a little bit of technique clean up I believe he really could be this type of guy.

"A top-five left tackle on this list, Lewan looks like a perennial All-Pro player."

Now, those are the Titans on the list now. However, there is one more potential Titan who should be noted on this list.

5th overall Laremy Tunsil

I love Tunsil as a prospect and if the Titans can't move in the draft I would be fine with either he or Bosa at the top.

"Tunsil enters the 2016 NFL draft as one of the most pro-ready prospects at the tackle position in a long time. He's big, strong, athletic and plays with a mean streak to take over defenders on the edge or in pass pro."

If the Tennessee Titans had three of the top 20 offensive linemen in the NFL it would astonish me and it would almost certainly mean that they are on their way to title contention. With a good nucleus of defenders and a franchise quarterback, this team is a lot closer than people think, especially if they get the right coaches.