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Which Shrine Game player fits Jon Robinson's requirements

Who the Titans scouts should be looking at.

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The Tennessee Titans have a new manager, and with that comes a new set of expectations. The East-West Shrine game is about to start, and this is the first time that Titans scouts will know exactly what their new GM will want to see.

Robinson has been very vocal and present in the Nashville media over the past few weeks and has told exactly what he wants. Here are the requirements I have picked up in his interviews:

1. First and foremost Robinson wants value. A player who is a perfect fit at that spot, or even higher value. That is the only way he will "stick-and-pick" as he calls it.

2. Toughness. Robinson wants someone who comes on to the field and intimidates the other team.

3. A football player, not just an athlete. I can already tell you that during the combine, the interview process will be more important to Robinson than how they look in shorts, which has not always been true with Tennessee Titans GM as the past drafts have shown.

So, who do I think is the best fit after everything I have heard?

Justin Simmons S, Boston College, East Roster

Simmons is a guy that I love and have really enjoyed watching. While many people don't know his name Justin Simmons is one of the surest tacklers and best overall safeties in this draft, and he should show up very well in this game.

Just look at what PFF had to say about him here:

"Boston College’s defense had an outstanding year in 2015 and Simmons was a major part of that. He finished as our ninth overall safety with positive grades as a pass rusher, in run defense and in coverage. Simmons’ coverage numbers are simply phenomenal, as he allowed just 19 catches on 36 targets for 245 yards, zero TDs & five INTs. QBs had a rating of just 34.8 when targeting him. Safeties with coverage ability are a premium in today’s NFL, making Simmons all the more appealing as a prospect. He can hold his own against the run too, as a +9.6 grade and 24 stops illustrates. Preventing big gains from turning into touchdowns is obviously an important aspect of a safeties’ role as well. With just five missed tackles from 54 attempts, Simmons is capable in that regard, suggesting he has all the tools to make it at the next level."

I honestly think that he is a name that will be floating around as a second round draft pick, and with the Titans in the driver's seat in the third round he could easily be the top pick if they decide to address offensive line, wide receiver, corner, or running back in the first two rounds.