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2016 NFL Mock Draft: A new player for the Titans

Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Every mock draft that I have seen so far has the Titans taking either Laremy Tunsil or Joey Bosa...until today. Josh Norris, one of my favorite draft analysts, put out a mock draft this morning. He has the Titans going with Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida State.  It is unknown at this point if Ramsey will play CB or S in the NFL, but it is known that he is good at football.

Here is what Norris had to say about the pick:

Everyone is mocking Laremy Tunsil here. For years it has been accepted that left tackle is the most important offensive line position. In the past, it seemed all of the top pass rushers played opposite the left tackle. That played into the importance of the position. Now pass rushers are deployed from all different alignments. Basically I’m trying to explain why tackle will not be the pick here, since Tennessee’s interior seemed to struggle just as much as the edge. The Titans likely want to trade this pick, but a versatile, aggressive defensive back with size and athleticism is not a bad consolation.

Defensive back is one of the biggest needs the Titans have. Michael Griffin will probably be gone. So the Titans are going to need a free safety and at least one corner. Ramsey would fill one of those needs.

Ramsey with the first pick seems a little rich, but it would be great to see the Titans trade back and snag him.