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Mel Kiper Re-Grades the 2015 NFL Draft

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper gave the Titans draft a C- right after it happened. I thought that grade was pretty dumb because the draft was all about Marcus Mariota, but whatever.  The Hair knows!

Anyway, Kiper has re-graded the 2015 NFL Draft today (In$ider). He bumped the Titans up to a B.  The logic of why he did it is pretty funny:

The draft looks better today because Marcus Mariota showed he has at least the potential to be special. What he wasn't able to do was stay healthy all season, so that will be the thing to watch along with his development under Mike Mularkey in 2016. Dorial Green-Beckham still has star upside if he puts it all together, Jeremiah Poutasi became a starter in his first year and Jalston Fowler is a useful player in the right system. If there's a steal, it's Tre McBride. I think he bumps the grade up to a B from a B-minus. It's hard to go further, however, because while you see potential, it was for a dreadful team.

This is not the first time he has listed Poutasi as a positive because he was a "starter." Well, he was terrible as a starter and got benched. Does that factor in?

I do want to see more of what Tre McBride has to offer.  He was on the practice squad for most of the season, but did pretty well, including catching a touchdown pass, when he was on the active roster.  However, I could do without him being the kick returner.