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Tennessee Titans News Links: Take It Easy

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Take it easy, take it easy,
Don't let the sound of your own wheels,
Drive you crazy..." - Some band

We officially have our coordinators! Dick Lebau is returning as Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator, Terry Robiskie is the new Offensive Coordinator, and Bobby April is the new Special Teams Coordinator.  One thing getting brought up is their ages. They old. You get a total of 201 if you combine their ages together. But age is just a number, right? You'll notice Ray Horton's name is missing from this list. That is because he went off to Cleveland where he will be their Defensive Coordinator.

Some improvements are coming to Nissan Stadium and the practice "bubble." The stadium's seats are getting replaced, and the expansion joints as well. The "bubble" will be getting new turf. Nothing too exciting, but it's cool I guess.

Paul K lists out three players who, he feels, need to find their proper depth. He feels these three guys have had too much asked of them, and hopefully Robinson can figure out how to get some much needed depth to help these guys out. DEFINITELY need help at Cornerback.

How did Mariota compare in his first 12 starts to McNair, Young, and Locker? Jim Wyatt takes a gander. I'd say he compared pretty well. I'm hoping we see the success that we saw with McNair with Mariota. A man can dream.

So I know next to nothing when it comes to Terry Robiskie. All I know is he is another old fella who has been in the league for awhile, and was an OC way back in the day. There is a player, however, who does know him pretty well. Harry Douglas sheds some light on what Robiskie brings to the team.

That's all for today. Happy reading!