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Greg Cosell calls Jared Goff a better prospect than Jameis Winston

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Cosell joins the Midday 180 every Wednesday at 12:20. It is something you should be listening to every week. They will tweet out a replay of the interview. You should follow them, @Midday180, and listen to it later if you missed it. #commercialover

Today on the show Cosell said that he has Cal's Jared Goff as a better prospect than Jameis Winston. He made it clear that this was based off limited film study so far and did not take into account Jameis Winston's rookie season in the NFL.

Why is this important to us? Because we need this to become the consensus opinion of people at the top of the draft. That means that someone would want to trade up to #1 to get in front of the Browns and give the Titans A LOT of draft picks. Heck, as Lambert wrote on Monday, it would be fine if Cleveland gets spooked that someone is going to trade in front of them and the Browns decide to give the Titans the second pick and another pick or two.

So tell all of your friends that Goff is the greatest quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning because a consensus building starts with you!