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Could Josh Doctson be the vertical threat the Titans have been missing?

Doctson was a difference maker for TCU's air raid offense.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

School: TCU

Position: Wide Receiver

Size: 6-3, 195 pounds

Production: 2015: 79 rec, 1,327 yards, 14 TDs (Missed three games)


  • Explosive leaper -- best vertical game in the class.
  • Routinely catches the ball away from his frame.
  • Incredible ability to track the ball downfield and get in position to win a 50-50 ball.
  • Great length. Appears to have long arms that aid his insane catch radius.
  • Plenty of experience working back to the ball, helping out his quarterback when things break down.
  • Incredibly strong hands. Natural ability to pluck the ball out of the sky.
  • Competitive "my-ball" mentality. Won't back down from anyone and he will let you know when he beats you.
  • Flashes an ability to separate with his route running, but wasn't asked to do so on a regular basis.
  • Can he fight through contact at the next level?  It's a real concern of mine.  Sometimes you'll see him run around defenders to avoid contact.
  • Despite being labelled a deep threat, he doesn't have great speed. Won more with size and a vertical game.
  • Lean overall frame.  Listed at 190-195 pounds.  May need to bulk up.
  • Must prove he can beat press coverage.  Doesn't have quick feet and isn't overly strong -- he must find a way to get off the line of scrimmage.

Here's a look at Doctson just going up and flat out getting the football.  The corner is in a good spot, but Boykin puts the ball so high that Doctson is the only one with a shot at it.  He brings it down and shows enough body control to stay in bounds.

This next play from Doctson is pretty savvy.  The corner gets physical with him so he gives it back to him, maintaining some separation.  But watch as he nears the catch point -- look at him work back inside, then scoot back outside. Watch what that frees up for him.  He's able to create separation at the catch point, making the grab that much easier for himself.

Here's another example of Doctson's insane athletic ability. Look how far up he goes to get this ball, plus watch the concentration as he pulls in in one handed.


Josh Doctson is just a fun player.  His vertical game and strong hands make him a dangerous threat down the field and in the redzone.  He's long and athletic, but plays at a lean 190 pounds.  I think he has a role in the league regardless, but he'll need to get stronger to become a top flight NFL receiver.

If Jon Robinson wants a vertical threat on the outside, Doctson could be his guy at pick 33.  There's a real chance he could go in the first round, but teams may push him down because of his age (23).  A left tackle at number one and a deep threat at 33 could do a lot for Marcus Mariota.

Grade: 1st round

Draft Projection: Picks 20-40