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Tennessee Titans Week 17 Gameplan

Here's what should happen against the Colts.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Another year, another irrelevant week 17 for the Tennessee Titans.  Unless of course you're pulling for the Titans to put the final lock on the number one overall pick (which you should be.)  With nothing to play for and a house cleaning imminent, the Titans should change things up for the final game of the season.

1. Force-feed Dorial Green-Beckham.

After exploding against the Patriots, DGB only received three targets against the Texans.  It was a perplexing decision by this staff, especially considering how badly the offense performed against Houston.  Dorial has been up and down, but the arrow is pointed in the right direction.  He's the future -- why not set him free?

2. Give Bishop Sankey the majority of the carries.

I know, I know.  I've banged the Sankey drum before and he's done nothing but disappoint.  He's totally lost his role in the offense and I honestly can't blame the staff for that.  However, we still have never seen Sankey really get into a rhythm.  He's only had three games in his two seasons here with over 15 carries. I'm not expecting anything special out of him, but I would really like to see what he could do with 15 touches again.  Why not?  Andrews and Cobb haven't given you too much to get excited about.

3. Start Daimion Stafford.

Stafford really stood out against New England.  He showed off his range and physicality.  Why not get more snaps on tape and really see what you've got in him?  I'm sure the next regime would really appreciate it.

4. Let Tre McBride play over Harry Douglas.

McBride finally found the field last week and was able to score a garbage time touchdown.  He's has yet to really be incorporated into the offense, but I really feel like he has a shot to stick going forward.  You know exactly what you have in Harry Douglas -- give the kid a shot.