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Mike Mularkey has a 3-year deal with the Titans

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Well, the Titans didn't make the same commitment to Mike Mularkey that the made to Ken Whisenhunt. That's good? You might think that there shouldn't be a question mark there, but I don't even know what to think about anything these days when it comes to the Titans.

The 3-year report came from Paul Kuharsky. He also mentions that Mularkey will be meeting with Dick LeBeau in the morning about his future. I know a lot of you love LeBeau, but I hope he rides off down the road into the sunset.  That would open up the position for Jim Schwartz who isn't 78 years old and is a better coordinator at this point.

The transition back to a 4-3 wouldn't be that hard, and they could take Joey Bosa with the first pick if they don't find the trade they want.  Give me a front 4 with Bosa, Derrick Morgan and Brian Orakpo any day of the week.