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I like new Titans GM Jon Robinson

Today's press conference was awkward from start to finish. Steve Underwood is smudge and arrogant. He thinks we are all stupid, but the guy that really came off as likable in the presser was Jon Robinson.  Sure, he stammered around in his opening statement, but the Titans didn't bring him in to teach public speaking. They brought him in to evaluate football players.

He demonstrated more passion for the Titans and the fans in his closing statement than any guy they have had here in a long time.  You never got that from guys like Ruston Webster or Ken Whisenhunt. That doesn't necessarily lead to wins on the football field, but it is something that will make for a strong culture at the top.

Here was his closing statement (via Paul Kuharsky):

"If you only remember one thing from this presser, please remember this, and this goes out to our fans: This is my home and you guys are my family. I’ve been a Titans fan ever since ’97 when this football team moved here. We’re going to build this team the right way. All decisions that we make will be made in the best interests of this team, your football team. Please let us earn your support.

"I grew up on a small 10-acre farm in West Tennessee. I watched my dad get up every morning and drive to a tire plant where he worked for 30-plus years. My mother packed his lunch box before he walked out. I helped work that farm as supplemental income. I know what hard work is. Coach knows what hard work is. I was part of an organization in New England for 12 years that is still the standard of excellence today. We’re ready to go to work for you, because you’re our family. Thank you."

I'm all in. Hopefully this guy can deliver the talent to help Mike Mularkey be successful.