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Titans' GM Jon Robinson: We are open to trading the first pick

New Titans' GM Jon Robinson was very open about the Titans' draft process.

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

Not only did the Titans introduce Jon Robinson to the media today, but they also opened the door for a potentially huge trade.  Jon Robinson said that he was "open" to trading the first overall selection in the 2016 NFL draft.  This shouldn't come as a shock, especially with the Titans lacking a need at quarterback.

Of course he's going to be open to trading the pick.  Why wouldn't he be?  Trading the pick would allow him an easier road to replenishing this roster that is lacking talent across the board.  He comes from the Patriots organization -- a group that has made a habit out of trading down and stockpiling picks.

The last time a first overall pick was traded before the draft?  2001.  The Falcons came up to get Michael Vick.  It's only happened four times ever -- 1990, 1995, 1997 and 2001.  It happened again with Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers in 2004, but that was a rare trade that happened after the picks occurred.  Let's not act like it's something that's easy to do.  It's still very unlikely because it's tough to match the first pick's value.

Who would some potential partners be?  I think you have to look at three teams.  Cleveland, Dallas and San Francisco are all within striking distance and are potentially in the quarterback market.  Houston and Los Angeles are too, but they may struggle to come up with a competitive package.

Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch and Carson Wentz are the three most likely suspects that could lure teams to the number one pick.  None of the three are on the Winston/Mariota level, but I don't have to tell you how desperate teams get when it comes to quarterbacks.  Both Wentz and Goff showed out in the post-season, really getting the hype rolling as we start the draft process.

Jon Robinson along with all Titans' fans should be rooting for each quarterback to kill the process.  You want a bidding war to start.  You want the Browns to feel like they have to jump above the Titans to ensure they don't deal the pick to a team needing a quarterback.

This is something that we will discuss in great length down the stretch, but Robinson threw the door wide open today.