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What we learned from the Mike Mularkey/Jon Robinson press conference

What a disaster.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Titans' President Steve Underwood introduced Mike Mularkey and Jon Robinson to the Nashville media today. Underwood tried to sell everyone on a bright future, but really came off disconnected and a bit arrogant. Here's a quick review.

  • No Amy Adams Strunk.  Not that we were expecting anything different, but I would love to see her stand in and take some questions from the media.  She's been invisible since taking control and appears to have hired Steve Underwood to be her mouthpiece.
  • Underwood said they conducted "10 far reaching, lengthy interviews with both GM and coaching candidates."  Both Amy and Kenneth Adams were involved in all.
  • Robinson: "Mike and I have an aligned vision of what we want this team to look like. Tough, coachable, smart, team first attitude."
  • Underwood called Mike Mularkey a "perfect fit" for the organization along with Jon Robinson.
  • Mularkey: "We believe we can bring a championship to this city."
  • Underwood: "We were turned down by one GM candidate. That's it."
  • Underwood regarding the 155 candidate list: "Amy largely knew that she wanted to keep Mularkey."
  • Underwood: "I'm not really sure how fans could be upset with our hiring process."  "I'm not really sure what discomfort level you're talking about."
  • Mike Mularkey received a multiple year contract.
  • Mularkey will have full control over hiring his staff.
  • Robinson: "Numeric values, grading scales will be changed post draft instead of doing something different in the middle of the process."
  • Robinson deferred to Underwood regarding the 53 man roster. Underwood: "Jon has full control of the 53 man roster."
  • Robinson on free agency: "The one thing you don't want to commit to is overpaying the value of that player."
  • Underwood called Mularkey a quarterback whisperer.  Mentioned Kordell Stewart and Matt Ryan.
  • Mularkey: "I have a good feeling Dick LeBeau will be back with us next year."
  • Mularkey: "I understand (fan's) feelings; I would just ask that they give us a chance.  2015 is over."
  • Underwood: "The team is not for sale, it has never been for sale."  He was firm on this once again.
  • Robinson: " We are open to trading the first overall pick. We will look at any and all offers."
  • Mularkey: "Ideal offense will use lots of deception. Balanced. Difficult to defend."
  • Mularkey: "Offensive coordinator will call the plays."
  • Mularkey mentioned the secondary and offensive line as needs that must be addressed.
  • Mularkey: "Three candidates for offensive coordinator. Robiskie will be interviewed."
  • Robinson: "If you only remember on thing today, make it be this.  This is my home, you are my family.  Please let us earn your support."
It sounds like both Jon Robinson and Mike Mularkey knew it would be a tough sell today.  Steve Underwood?  Not so much.  Underwood couldn't understand why fans were upset with the hiring process of Mike Mularkey, which is mind boggling and has to be a flat out lie.  Plain and simple.  He was fired up over the idea of the Adams family selling, which shouldn't be a surprise.

Mike Mularkey at least acknowledged that fans had the right to be upset, but asked for fans to give him a chance.  Jon Robinson was the lone bright spot today, delivering an emotional thank you to his colleagues and family to open.  He mentioned how much this job meant to him in the end, begging for fans to give him a shot.

This presser was a disaster outside of Jon Robinson.  The organization did very little to put out the flames -- in fact they probably just poured gasoline on it with Underwood's comments.