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Titans Hire Terry Robiskie as Offensive Coordinator

That was quick.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It looks like Mike Mularkey had a name in mind for his offensive coordinator.  He moved quickly, bringing in the Atlanta Falcons' wide receiver coach, Terry Robiskie.

Paul Kuharsky broke the news this morning.

Robiskie had been with the Falcons since 2008.  Before that he had stops in Cleveland and Miami, each time as a receivers coach.  He has offensive coordinator experience in Cleveland dating back to 2004, along with a stint in Los Angeles with the Raiders from 1989-1993. and has also served as a passing game coordinator in Washington.

Robiskie is expected to retain Jason Michael as his quarterbacks coach, per Ian Rapoport -- which follows along with the "continuity" theme that Amy Adams Strunk mentioned on Saturday.

This won't do much to ease pain among Titans' fans this week.  Robiskie wasn't on too many radars to land a coordinator job and seemed content going into his 8th season as a positional coach in Atlanta.  There are plenty of questions to be answered at today's presser.