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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Two Rounds for the Titans

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Talking about what the Titans are doing with the coaching staff is just depressing so we will shift to some draft talk.  Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft put out a 2-round mock draft this morning.  He had the Titans going with Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State in the first round and Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn in the second round.  Here is what Kadar had to say about Bosa:

If you subscribe to the best player philosophy, Bosa is my top player in the draft so he's the pick. The hold up is that he'd be more effective on a team that predominantly uses three-man fronts on defense. There have been reports back and forth about Titans defensive coordinator Ray Horton, and what happens there could change this pick.

I have said it before, but I don't LOVE Bosa as the first pick unless the Titans are moving back to a 4-3. We have seen no indication to this point that they are going to do that.

My first choice for the first pick is to trade it. If they can't do that, then Bosa is fine as the pick. He is a playmaker and the Titans need those guys on both sides of the ball.