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Tennessee Titans News Links: I'm Dead Inside

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

"Everybody hurts,
Take comfort in your friends,
Everybody hurts..."


The Titans did what I was hoping they wouldn't do. They hired Mike Mularkey to be the permanent head coach. Why? Because this team is completely inept at making smart decisions. Because Amy Adams Stink wants to keep continuity for Mariota. Apparently having him dealing with his 3rd OC next year equals consistency. Amy had the announcement made during the Kansas City vs New England game on Saturday (they probably were hoping no one would notice the news). Paul K broke down her announcement and praise for Mularkey.

The reaction to the news of Mularkey becoming head coach went about as one would expect: not very well. PK called the signing: spectacularly uninspired. Other analysts seemed to also have similar reactions that the fanbase did as well.

Mike Mularkey feels "honored" to be head coach. I couldn't care less.

Marcus Mariota "praises" the hiring of Mike Mularkey. Not that I would expect him not to. I'm pretty sure Mariota is incapable of saying something negative about anyone, and he probably never has. Not a knock against him, but what would you expect him to say? Why would someone bad mouth their boss to the media? Expect propaganda pieces like this to keep popping up. "See?! We made a good decision because Mariota supports it, and everyone loves and supports Mariota! Right?!" Garbage.

Horton was interviewed on Saturday for the, then, open position. Clearly he didn't get the job. A report surfaced that he felt "insulted" by this interview, and wanted out of Tennessee. Then Horton himself came out and said that was not true at all. It's a lot of "he said" "she said" stuff. Paul K broke down the situation.

That's all for today. Happy reading?