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More Peyton Manning buying the Tennessee Titans rumors

Jay Glazer reports

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, I didn't think about this story until so many of you asked about it. However, now that I am writing it, there are some definite reason for this rumor to be true. Watch the video here about the Tennessee Titans potentially being pushed to be sold by the NFL.

Ok, so now that everyone has watched that video, a couple of things stood out.

1. I trust Jay Glazer. He is number two to Adam Schefter and then there is a big divide between those two and everyone else in terms of credibility. He seemingly has a lot of great connections and he has scooped a lot of people without losing credibility.

2. The Titans have been openly defiant to the NFL and Amy Adams Strunk (AAS) has been the prime culprit. Not only did the Titans majority share owner blow off the Owner's meeting last week, she also hired a head coach during the playoffs. Now, I would be embarrassed if I hired Mularkey over all the good candidates too and would try to bury that lead, so I get it. However apparently it is considered a faux pas to do this for whatever reason and has rubbed people the wrong way.

3. Instead of making it sound like Peyton would dip into some well of billions of dollars that he has in the imagination of some writers, this suggests a push for an ownership group with Manning as the face. I completely get this and it would be a move similar to what is going on with John Elway in Denver in that I believe he would be a part owner only on the condition that he could also have a hand in evaluating talent.

All of these things sort of make sense, and with all that has been going on I could understand how it could make sense. Is it going to happen? I have no idea. However, I do believe Glazer a lot more than I believe in some other sources that have reported similar stories.