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5 assistant coaches that could help the Tennessee Titans

Something to make this a little better

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that the Tennessee Titans hired Mike Mularkey? Well, if you are still reading this site I imagine you are looking for either vitriol or hope, I'll try to give you some hope today. Here are five assistant coaches that might make this hire feel a little better.

1. Tom Clements OC, Green Bay Packers

Clements was a HC candidate before the season, but Mike McCarthy got impatient and in the middle of the season he was stripped of his play calling duties. However, this was just a year where no play calling could really help and the Packers struggled all year with backup wide receivers.

So why would he leave? Well, once a HC takes your play calling ability away, it is essentially him undermining you as a coach and I can't imagine that went down well for Clements. If he wants to have some real power in an offense, he would get that in Tennessee.

2. Mike Munchak OL, Pittsburgh Steelers

Say what you want about him as a head coach (let me start, he was terrible) but he is a great offensive line coach in this league. He has completely turned around a Pittsburgh Steelers line that was just terrible without him. I think giving him a chance to focus purely on the offensive line with potentially Laremy Tunsil, Jeremiah Poutasi, Taylor Lewan and some other pieces in this upcoming draft would be great for this team.

3. Jim Tomsula DL, FA

Tomsula, like Munchak was a people person who was just terrible after making a huge leap from positional coach to head coach. However, again like Munch, no one denies just how good he was as a positional coach.

4. Jim Schwartz DC, FA

If Dick LeBeau isn't retained (though I think he will be) the Titans could try to make a splash by hiring one of the best defensive coordinators in the league. Schwartz loves this city and if he wants the opportunity to become a head coach again, a few great years with a team he loves could be the ticket.

5. Kirk Callahan DB, FA

Who? Callahan is a talented coach who quickly has moved up the ranks and recently quit being Florida's DB coach after a great year. He helped the defensive backfield really develop nicely and he not only developed their ultra talented CB Vernon Hargreaves, but also helped get the best out of safeties Marcus Maye and Brian Poole.

This team needs a coach who can actually develop players and help them progress instead of just saying the same player they were coming out of college. If the Titans trade down and Vernon Hargreaves is the top DB on the board, it would also help to have someone to help him bridge the gap and help make him an instant starter on this team.