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Mike Mularkey's first new hire announced

Who is the new guy?

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have hired Bobby April to be the next special teams coach, according to Alex Marvez.


April was the ST coach of the New York Jets last year, but he has been in the NFL since 1991. Here is his career path to the Titans.

-Atlanta Falcons 1991-1993

-Pittsburgh Steelers 1994-1995

-New Orleans Saints 1996-1999

-St. Louis Rams 2001-2003

-Buffalo Bills 2004-2009

-Philadelphia Eagles 2010-2012

-Oakland Raiders 2013-2014

-New York Jets 2015

Is he any good?

Well, it is hard to tell with all the moving pieces that you have to think about when you think of special teams, however Football Outsiders seems to think he will help. Last year the Titans starting field position was 17th in the league last year, and the Jets were all the way up at 8th.

April has also won two special teams coach of the year awards, in 2004 and 2008. Both of those were with the Buffalo Bills and the first crossed over with Mike Mularkey's tenure in Buffalo.

I'd like to think that anyone who can help Marcus Mariota start with better field position is a good hire. This doesn't help Mularkey in my eyes, I still think that was a disaster but it does help that they are getting a better coach somewhere.