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5 HC candidates the Titans should look at in 2017

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

You know what is a terrible idea? Hiring Mike Mularkey as the next head coach of the Titans. You know what is even worse? Making him a short term HC who is destined to be fired at the end of the season. Well that is what the Titans did today.

So, come on let's be honest with each other. This move is going to fail, and we are wasting a crucial year of a cheap franchise quarterback. This is the first stupid move from an ownership group who fired all the right people and actually hired a really good GM that I am excited about.

The only way this makes sense at all is if they said "Look Jon (Robinson) we know this is a terrible move, but for some reason we have convinced ourselves that he has potential. You can spend all year looking for a new head coach and then when Mularkey loses (at least) 10 games next year then you have a great list."

Alright, since this bonehead move was made let's look at the 5 guys that should be the Titans head coach next year.

1. Josh McDaniels, OC New England Patriots

McDaniels is drawing up some beautiful plays for Tom Brady and he could do the exact same thing for Marcus Mariota next year. He and Robinson will undoubtedly talk through back channels all throughout next year.

2. Sean McVay, OC Washington Redskins

McVay is a great looking young coordinator who has shot up the ranks in Washington. His offense is based on short, accurate completions and making the right decisions, both of which suit Mariota perfectly.

3. Darell Bevell, OC Seattle Seahawks

Bevell knows exactly how to treat Mariota, because he coached his clone Russell Wilson in Seattle. This is the obvious hire he seems like a safe bet to be looking for a new HC job if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl this year.

4. Dave Toub, ST coordinator Kansas City Chiefs

Toub will be a balanced coach that can help the Tennessee Titans worst unit. He is a well respected leader and people think that it is time he got his shot, I can't argue.

5. David Shaw HC, Stanford

This is the least likely, but my favorite. Shaw is a great college coach that is clearly better at managing his assets and coaching his players up, rather than a coach like Nick Saban who has done a lot with some truly great players. Shaw has to be getting tired of being in the Rose Bowl and never getting any farther. With Christian McCaffrey set to enter the NFL next year, it would be the perfect time for him to move and both would be a perfect fit for the Titans.