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Mike Mularkey expected to get short-term extension; hire new offensive coordinator

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

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The national media is still on the "job is Mike Mularkey's" train. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network tweeted this earlier:

That came on the heels of this tweet:

It is at least some consolation that he will have to get a new offensive coordinator. Jason Michael, the current Titans offensive coordinator, had no experience as an OC before coming here.  He didn't even call the plays here until Ken Whisenhunt was fired.

It is important to keep in mind that the Titans could be at the end of their scheduled interviews simply because they want to talk to some guys that are still coaching this weekend.  They are not allowed to schedule an interview with those guys according to NFL rules.  That is what I am hoping.

The "Titans hire Mike Mularkey" post is already written because that is fully what I expect them to do at this point. I really hope to be wrong on this one.