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Titans Hire Mike Mularkey as Head Coach

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Well, they actually did it according to Adam Schefter (and now confirmed by the team). The Titans have named Mike Mularkey the permanent head coach. He did so good in his stint as the interim, 2-7 (but, hey, he started out 1-0!!!!11), that he was given the job permanent.  That 2-7 added to his already stellar record as a head coach makes him 18-39 at the helm. This will be widely regarded as the best head coaching hire in the history of the NFL. #sarcasm

So I guess it is true that the Titans weeded out general manager candidates based on the candidate willing to work with Mularkey as the head coach. That is a terrible way to run an organization. I guess we shouldn't be surprised by anything that this group does at this point.

Why would you not wait to talk to some of the guys that are coaching on teams that are still playing, you know, IN THE PLAYOFFS??? You know why they didn't do that? Because that is what winning organizations do.  The Titans don't really care about that apparently.

Now we just have to hope that Robinson is so good as the GM that he gives Mularkey unbelievable players.  That and Marcus Mariota are the only hopes we have as Titans fans....