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Titans Hiring Mike Mularkey Wouldn't Make Any Sense

I don't get it.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It just doesn't make much sense.  If you've been following the Titans' GM and head coaching search, you've probably seen that Mike Mularkey is very much in contention to land this job full time.  Apparently Amy Adams Strunk and Steve Underwood love the guy, and his name kept coming up during potential GM candidates' interviews.

Candidates were apparently eliminated from the process due to not wanting to retain Mike Mularkey.  If that's really the case, it's very possible Robinson could have agreed to at least entertain Mike Mularkey as his head coach.

Chris Ballard was one of those that reportedly said no to Mularkey.

The consensus both nationally and locally seems to favor Mularkey as the next head man.  This time, Mike Florio gets in on the speculation.

I understand the logic.  All signs point to Mike Mularkey.  General Manager candidates were turned down if they wouldn't entertain Mularkey, which means Robinson will likely be taking Mularkey's Friday interview very seriously.

What I can't figure out is why Amy Adams Strunk and Steve Underwood are going to battle for Mularkey.  I get that he did everything the right way post-Whisenhunt, but at the end of the day he's a 18-39 head coach.  You are what your record says you are.  Nothing more, nothing less.

How on earth are you going to sell this hire to a fanbase that has been subjected to 27 losses in the past two seasons?  Wouldn't you want a total new direction?  How could you not?

Mularkey cleaned somethings up, particularly along the offensive line.  He protected Marcus Mariota to the best of his ability.  He wasn't dealt a great situation, but at the same time he certainly didn't do enough to earn the full time job.

Why would Jon Robinson hitch his first General Manager gig to Mike Mularkey?  A guy that has flamed out in two different head coaching roles isn't exactly an ideal first hire.  Sure -- everything points to Mike Mularkey right now, but it also points to Josh McDaniels too.

McDaniels and Robinson worked together during their time in New England and seems to be the leading outside candidate for the job.  McDaniels is reportedly very interested in the opening, too.

The choice would be an easy one for me.  I've been on McDaniels from the start.  But it looks like Robinson will at least honor Underwood and Strunk's wishes and give Mularkey a chance.  The process will begin tomorrow with Mularkey's interview.  Stay tuned.