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Mel Kiper 2016 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

The draft guru has released his first mock of the year.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Count Mel Kiper in on the Joey Bosa train.  The draft analyst has pegged the Ohio State pass rusher to the Titans in his inaugural mock of the draft season (In$ider).  Kiper went on to give the Browns Jared Goff and the Chargers Laremy Tunsil.

Bosa seems to have the majority vote when it comes to the number one pick, for good reason.  He's a stud run defender that can win in a number of different ways up front.  If the Titans were to move to a 4-3, the pick would be a perfect match of need versus value.  Bosa doesn't fit the 3-4 perfectly, but he's talented enough to play in any scheme.

Bosa's perfect fit in a 4-3 would probably be too much to pass up on.  He has elite size at 6-6, 275 and knows how to use his length and power.  I'm not sure he's a top flight NFL pass rusher, but I have no doubts that he will be very productive -- maybe a ten sack a year guy.  Bosa, Casey, Orakpo and Morgan coming after the passer on third downs sounds very enticing.

I think we'll get a pretty good view of where the team is going with the first pick by how they attack free agency.  It looks like the right tackle market should have plenty of options, so that may be the way new GM Jon Robinson goes.  If they choose not to sign a tackle, that could indicate that their target may be Tunsil.