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Titans to interview Teryl Austin on Friday

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans currently have 3 interviews lined up for their head coaching "vacancy"- Doug Marrone, Mike Mularkey and Teryl Austin.  Marrone and Mularkey are scheduled to interview on Thursday while Austin is scheduled to interview on Friday.  Here's what makes me nervous- this sets up perfectly for the Titans to announce Friday night that they will hire Mike Mularkey.

Follow me here....Austin is a minority.  That means they would be free to make a hire, with the Rooney Rule satisfied, after these 3 interviews.  If Mularkey has been there guy all along as some suggest, this is the path of least resistance to get him hired.

Some have speculated that the Titans aren't hiring a coach before they hire a GM.  If that is the case, why are they going ahead with these 3 interviews right now?  These aren't exactly hot names in the coaching industry.  The fact that they are going ahead with these interviews makes me really, really nervous.

Hopefully I am wrong.