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Shawn Jefferson hired by the Dolphins

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky tweeted earlier that Shawn Jefferson has agreed to join the Miami Dolphins coaching staff.  Jefferson has been a popular punching bag around these parts for the better part of his tenure with the Titans.  From what I can tell, he hasn't done anything to make any of the receivers he has coached any better.

Kuharsky said earlier that the Titans coaches have contracts that expire after the Super Bowl.  If the Titans hire a coach other than Mike Mularkey, I wouldn't expect many of these coaches to be back.  There are usually one or two holdovers from a previous staff when a change is made, but I am not sure which of these guys a new coach would want.

Jefferson inherits a couple of talented receivers in Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker in Miami.  Those guys are already good, so maybe he will look like a better coach down there.