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Tennessee Titans News Links: Still Waiting

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

"Ground control to Major Tom,
Commencing countdown..."

It's Tuesday (morning) and our future GM has still not yet been named. Some are getting anxious, but I think the decision is near! Yesterday the Titans interviewed Chris Ballard. I would be totes down for Chris Ballard. I like what little I've read of him. A name being associated with Mr. Ballard is that of the current Kansas City Chiefs Special Teams coach: Dave Toub. Paul K thinks that the Titans should give Toub some seriously consideration (even if they choose not to go with Ballard as GM).

There hasn't been much talk of any other names being considered for the GM the end near?! For Trevor's sake I hope so. It will be Head Coach hunting time as soon as the GM is named. Which, honestly, is the best way to go. Unfortunately, for Trevor's sanity, the Head Coaching hunt will begin (and end) with Mularkey. Which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Dude was the interim coach. It only makes sense he goes first.

GM and Head Coach are certainly very important, but some attention needs to be focused on the staff and assistant coaches as well. Seriously. I think we all know one coach I wouldn't mind replacing. #FIREJEFFERSON#

13 years ago the Titans almost fell to the Steelers in the playoffs. Thanks to a "running into a kicker" call (and maybe some SLIGHT theatrics by Joe Nedney), that didn't happen and the Titans won! Thanks to Jim Wyatt: you can revisit that moment in Titans history.

That's all for today. Happy reading!