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Should the Titans cut Jason McCourty?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Fitzgerald of wrote a post today detailing one move each AFC team should make this offseason.  His suggestion was for the Titans to cut Jason McCourty.  Here is what he wrote:

McCourty signed a pretty nice extension during the first wave of exploding cornerback contracts before the market began to pull back when it was clear that teams were overpaying for the position. The Titans are still overpaying for McCourty who is scheduled to have a cap charge of $8.8 million, $7 million of which can be saved if they cut him. The Titans should be fully remaking the roster and part of that should include release, among others, McCourty.

So I get it. McCourty is scheduled to make a lot of money and missed most of the year with a groin injury, but suggesting the Titans should cut him is ridiculous. Perrish Cox is decent, but the rest of their corners are terrible. They can afford to "overpay" for a guy that can actually cover someone. In fact, they cannot afford to not overpay him.

Let's say McCourty has lost a step, the Titans could move him to free safety. They need to replace Michael Griffin there because he hasn't been good for the last 5 years.

Combine those factors with the fact that the Titans are currently $40 million under the cap for 2016. It makes absolutely no sense for the Titans to cut him.