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Are the Tennessee Titans taking the weekend off?

What is going on?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

No, I don't mean the players I know they are obviously done for the season. What I mean when I ask that question is that why are we seeing different organizations interviewing head coaching candidates today, while the Titans are seemingly sitting on their hands?

Well, here is my theory on that.

With Chris Ballard scheduled to interview on Monday, the Titans are at six or seven interviewees so far. I believe in the Ruston Webster firing press conference old/new President and CEO Steve Underwood said that there were 11 targets on their list for GM (though that could be an estimate). So let's go over this again:


1. Martin Mayhew

2. Marc Ross

3. Jimmy Raye

4. Chris Polian

5. Jon Robinson

6. Ted Sundquist


7. Eric DeCosta

8. Bill Tobin

9. George Patton

So, that is 9 people that we know the Titans have reached out to of the 11-ish candidates. However, Paul Kuharsky and the Midday 180 crew kept talking all week about how the Titans wanted to interview two in-house candidates for the job, though there hasn't been any real confirmation of this.

This is just a thought, but I assume that the Titans aren't just sitting on their hands, they are taking this time to interview both of their in house candidates. I know that Blake Beddingfield is supposedly someone that the Titans are looking at, and there is seemingly another mystery candidates.

So in theory, the Titans will have wrapped up their extensive search by Monday, and be ready to make a decision or start the second round of interviews by Monday night or Tuesday morning. Which is great.

Honestly, I know everyone has said this and it will be tough to hear if Hue Jackson is never brought in for an interview, but the Titans are doing this the right way. A thorough search for GM, followed by a conjoined effort between Underwood, Amy Adams Strunk and the new GM to find a HC who has a smart plan and who you believe in for the future.

Patience is key here from the fans, and remember almost anything is better than Mike Mularkey.