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2016 NFL Draft: Breaking Down Todd McShay's Latest Top 32

The ESPN analyst has released his latest big board.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

It's always important to brush up on anything ESPN's Todd McShay or Mel Kiper put out.  These guys are plugged in and will adjust their rankings to what they hear from scouts and  front office people around the league.  With the regular season in the books, McShay updated his top 32.  Here are a few things that caught my eye.

Both Paxton Lynch and Jared Goff landed outside of his top 15.  As a Titans' fan, why should you care?  Trade value.  You should be rooting for Lynch and Goff (and Hackenberg, Cook, Wentz) to kill the process.  It's highly unlikely, but the rise of a quarterback could bring in some offers for the first overall pick -- which isn't all that desirable currently.

Joey Bosa comes in at number one while Laremy Tunsil lands at four.  In the debate of Tunsil vs. Bosa, it looks like Todd would lean in Bosa's favor.  You really can't go wrong with either of the two, but McShay notes that Bosa's versatility put him over the top.

Two corners -- Jalen Ramsey and Vernon Hargreaves III -- land in his top three.  It's a little rich for Hargreaves for me personally, but it speaks to the strength of this corner class.  I think Hargreaves will ultimately be pushed down a bit due to his height at 5-9.

Defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche checks in at five, which is entirely too high for me.  Nkemdiche is going to test great athletically through this process, but he's entirely too consistent to be considered this high.  If he doesn't win right off the snap, he's done.  He must figure out some counter moves or he will get eaten up in the NFL.  Throw in that weird four story fall he took after a hallucination and you've got a recipe for a draft day collapse.

A pair of athletic linebackers with knee injuries land in his top twenty.  Myles Jack comes in at ten and Jaylon Smith checks in at twenty.  It's a shame for both guys because they offer so much athletically.  These two both should be top ten selections on talent alone, but injuries have their status up in the air.  At least for now, it looks like they'll both be gone on day one.

Hunter Henry became the number one tight end by simply declaring this season in a weak class.  McShay currently has him at 18, which is the highest I've seen anyone on him.  I have no doubts that Henry will be over-drafted due to a lack of depth at the top of this tight end group.

Mackensie Alexander checks in at 27, which is shockingly low for me.  I've got Alexander ranked over Hargreaves and I'm certainly not alone in that line of thinking.  Alexander should rise over the next few months -- I have him at number six overall in my latest mock draft.