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Share Your NFL Game Day Tips and Tricks!

What's the best way to enjoy a live NFL game? Let's hear from the MCM community and learn from fellow Titans fans.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Prepare yourself America, there are Canadians coming to visit.

A few days from now, when the Tennessee Titans open their season by visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I'm going to be in attendance. My father, brother and I are flying down to Tampa to watch our very first NFL game.

Then I realized...I don't have a clue about NFL game experiences.

Like most sports fans, I have built rituals for sporting events that I commonly attend. Optimal departure times to catch the Winnipeg Jets faceoff. Best places to eat prior to a Winnipeg Blue Bombers game. For this game however, everything is going to be very, very new.

With that in the mind, this post was born. We have several Titans season ticket holders on this blog and tons of Titans fans around the world. I figured this post could serve as a place to share some advice to fellow fans. Do you wear an opposing team's jersey into a rival's stadium? Do you like to tailgate or eat in the stadium? Whether you're catching a Titans game in Nashville or New York, we all want to maximize our game day experiences.

Plus, I would really appreciate any and all advice.

Ideally this post could serve as a resource for MCMers heading into the 2015 season. Which games do you want to attend? What are the best NFL experiences? How do you watch the Titans on Sundays? Let us know in the comments.