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Marcus Mariota Headlines Mel Kiper's All-Rookie Team

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper has put out his all-rookie team today (In$ider).  He has two members of the Tennessee Titans on his squad- Marcus Mariota and Jeremiah Poutasi.  Kiper notes that he gives Mariota the slight edge over the #1 pick, Jameis Winston, because he thinks the Titans are going to take a big step forward.  Here's to hoping Kiper gets that one right.

Here are the rest of his comments on Mariota:

'm giving Mariota a slight edge over Jameis Winston because while I don't think the stats will be too dissimilar, I think the Titans have a chance to take a big step forward overall, with major improvement on the defensive side of the ball in particular. I also think they'll do a better job of blocking up front, allowing Mariota both time to throw and the opportunity to scamper for extra yards, not just while he's being chased, but because he's got space and can take yards while protecting himself.

Kiper said this about Poutasi:

Poutasi could be either at guard or tackle, but if it was my call, he'd get a good look at right tackle instead of Byron Bell. We'll see how it shakes out.

Poutasi is your starting right tackle right now. We will, indeed, see how it shakes it out.