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Tennessee Titans News Links: Making Moves

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans traded Andrew Levitre to the Atlanta Falcons for a 6th and a conditional 7th. They then traded a conditional 7th for Terrance West, a running back I really liked coming out of college, and thought he played fairly well last year. He's a bigger back with good feet, and will add a little bit to the RB core with Cobb out.

David Bass and Steve Johnson were brought into the linebacking core. Massaquoi and Staples were both cut. Mass was cut because he showed Akeem Ayers level effort in the past preseason game.

It kills me that we cut Chase Coffman. Maybe he'll be on the roster later today. However, I really like the move to keep Quinton Spain, the UDFA guard.

The depth at OLB is still paper thin, but the addition of Bass will help a bit.

What I don't love is that we only kept 4 WR on the roster. This has to mean that they are very confident in DGB's ability to make an impact early on in the season.