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Tennessee Titans make a statement with tight ends

What are the Titans saying with their roster cuts.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have cut down their roster to the final 53. While I expect some turnover today, it is important to look at what the team is trying to make this team. So let's dive right in to why the Tennessee Titans kept five tight ends.

Delanie Walker

Walker was never even close to getting cut, but when you talk about tight ends this is where you have to start. A dominant feature in the passing game that can block at a high level, Walker is the ideal tight end in this offense. While he didn't put up flashy stats during the preseason, every Titans fan has seen him do it on the real stage.

Craig Stevens

Stevens is going to retire as a Titan. Entering his 8th year with the team, Stevens is a leader and is willing to do whatever it takes to stay on the team.

While he is primarily a run blocker, he has shown the ability to fool defenders and get wide open in passing situations. His versatility as an inline tight end, fullback and special teams player make him very valuable for this team.

Anthony Fasano

Another veteran tight end for the Titans. Fasano isn't going to be on many highlight reels, but he is dependable and sure handed. With a quarterback like Marcus Mariota, it is important to have consistent receivers that know how to get to the sticks and convert, and I think that is something that Fasano brings to the table.

Chase Coffman

This wasn't a huge surprise to me because Coffman was the best tight end in preseason, and clearly the MVP of the Tennessee Titans. You have to keep big guys who can catch and make people miss because they just aren't that common in the NFL.

I think Coffman will be a special teams player mostly, but I think he could easily work himself onto the field on offense considering how often the Tennessee Titans will use tight ends. I expect there to be a lot of two tight end sets, and that might include Stevens in at fullback.

Phillip Supernaw

This was kind of a head scratcher to me, but I think you have to keep the best 53 guys on the roster. I think Supernaw stood out as a blocker and in individual drills this preseason and he wasn't bad on the field either. With the weak crop of tight ends out there, I think the Tennessee Titans may not want to give up on a player that could make the 53-man roster somewhere else without something in return.

While I would love to see them trade Supernaw today and pick up a good player on the waiver wire, I'm not sure that will happen. Either way, I would bet we see him in a jersey for the Titans whether it is to start the season, or if the Titans bring him back after an injury elsewhere in the middle of the year.