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Pro Football Focus has Marcus Mariota with a negative grade for the season

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Greenlaw's favorite website, Pro Football Focus, has put out grades for all 1st round rookies year to date.  They have Marcus Mariota in the red for the season.  Most of you here have watched all 210 snaps that Mariota has taken, and you would agree that a negative grade is insanity.

Here is what PFF had to say about Mariota:

Mariota looked out of his element against Cleveland, but that performance has been sandwiched by two more accomplished efforts. He needs to play a little better against the blitz, but all in all, a very good start for the former Oregon Duck.

PFF was the talk of Twitter yesterday for giving Aaron Rodgers a negative grade for his 5-touchdown(!) performance against the Chiefs on Monday night. There is obviously some value to what PFF does, but some of it is just nonsense. Their grading system for quarterbacks falls in the nonsense category.

Don't believe me? Just go check out Greenlaw's timeline. He has some really interesting notes on grades for quarterbacks in different games throughout the season.