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Ken Whisenhunt Approval Poll

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached the bye week.  Ideally the bye week would come right at the halfway point of the season, but the NFL didn't do the Titans any favors when they made the schedule.  We will take this week to evaluate how the team has looked in their first three games.

Today we start with a Ken Whisenhunt approval poll.  People get mad at me when I give my opinions in poll posts, so I will hold off until later in the week when I do a post on what the results of this poll end up being.

I would normally do one for the offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and general manager.  Since the Titans have people in the coordinator roles that aren't really coordinating, we will have Dick LeBeau and Ruston Webster approval polls later today.  It should be fun!

For now, vote in the Whiz approval poll and let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments.